My Five Health Tips

I was recently asked in an interview what self-care meant to me.

My journey towards caring for myself has been an interesting one.  It started with obsession, transformed into neglect, and I found balance in between.

This journey has helped me, help others, because I truly know what it feels like to sabotage my own well-being.

Here are five things, you can start doing today, to improve your health.

1. A Good Night Sleep. 

You better believe I have skipped a few nights of sleep in my party days. As exhilarating as it was to watch the sun come up, I would pay for it mentally and emotionally for days.

Sleep is nourishing for the body, and brain. It literally is a time of detoxification, repair, allowing the mind to be quiet.

Like a little girl, I now tuck myself in, at a reasonable hour, aiming for 8+ hours of sleep.

A lack of sleep causes unnecessary snacking, stress, and you won’t look your best either. 

2. A Daily Practice Of Silence.

If I cannot sit in meditation, I will write, or walk in nature. Swimming in the ocean is my favourite. 

Getting in touch with your inner wisdom and guidance system daily, allows you to easily navigate through moments of tension.

If you don’t meditate, just try closing your eyes and slowing down your breath. 

3. Making Art.

Art might mean colouring in a colouring book, dancing to music, or painting your next Picasso piece. It’s about creativity, and being playful. 

I did not know how much I needed art, until I started to paint. It transforms the mundane day-to-day, to an alternate reality of imagination. 

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Pablo Picasso 

4. Food Feelings.

Pay attention to how food makes you feel when you eat it. Not the immediate rush of sugar and salt, as you devour something sinfully delicious…

How do you feel a few hours after food.

I like myself a good handful of French fries, and some root beer on occasion. But my Moto is:

Eat food that is alive, feel alive. 

5. Nourish Thy Relationships.

When you decide to be with someone, listen to them, see them.

We live in a world that is capturing most moments on a phone. It is easy to take people for granted when we see them every day.

Slow down. Look at each moment with fresh eyes. It instantly removed the dull sense of what can be seen as a mundane life.

Bonus #6: Movement. Find a way to move everyday. Swim, jump, play, run, walk, move. 

What do you do to take care of yourself? I would love so much if you share this with someone that could use a little inspiration.

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