My Morning Ritual, And Why You Need One Too

Many successful people swear by their morning routine. It is that one time of day, the world is quiet, and therefore, we can focus on ourselves.

Mark Zuckerberg, Obama, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bazos, Anna Wintour, Arianna Huffington, Marie Forleo, Gwenyth Paltrow, and Katherine Power; all have morning rituals.

Personally, I will take an extra hour sleep any day.  However something magical happened, when I started to go to bed earlier, honouring a good night sleep, and a morning regime.

Statistically speaking, people are more successful with their fitness regime, if they work out in the morn. No, it is not impossible to be fit if you work out later in the day… But life get’s busy, causing many to abandon their work out, and self.

Your morning ritual doesn’t necessarily have to be exercise (although, I would encourage it). Some meditate, say affirmations, make a healthy breakfast, write out a to-do list, go to a work-out class, or do some creative writing. The best part about this is you get to write your own rules.

My morning ritual used to be laying in bed, checking social media. I would get out of bed (with zero seconds to spare), make a coffee, get ready, and run around the house frantically, trying to get out the door. I would often feel anxious, stressed, and angry (normally yelling at traffic on my way to work).

My morning ritual: now

Read. I wake up and read a chapter of my book, Outrageous Openness.  Starting the day with an inspirational message has made a huge impact in my day.

Hydrate. One large glass of water please!  Sometimes I add a squeeze of lemon. This can help get the digestive fires burning.

Movement.  Swim, stretch or yoga. Someday’s I have an hour, some days I have 15 minutes. The body is tight and stiff in the morn; a little movement wakes up the mind and body (plus releases feel good dopamine’s). Gaia is great, for online yoga classes.

Meditation. Five to ten minutes of sitting in silence or I use an app. I like Calm, Omvana, and Insight Timer Pro.

Eat. A light breakfast, or a smoothie. I love the glowing goddess! 

The point of this time, is to help you feel good. Do not turn this into something frustrating or overwhelming. Sometimes, what I really need, is that extra hour of sleep. The goal is to ensure the ritual happens more often than not.

Design something that works for you. Commit to it for a month. See if you notice a difference. What is your morning ritual?

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