Each consultations is a blend of functional nutrition, yoga therapy, intuition, self-exploration, and integrative health.

Together we will build custom-tailored recommendations that will help you move out of sabotage and into feeling vital. We will do so by approaching your wellness from a holistic perspective; considering all areas of your life including behavioural patterns around:  diet, lifestyle, relationship’s, stress, sleep, and (of course) exercise.

Living well is best done through cultivating self-awareness. This consultation is an invitation to get to know yourself better, so that you can move past behaviour that no longer serves your life.

When we make unhealthy choices for our body, it is a direct reflection of how we feel about ourselves.

Learn how to support yourself with healthy lifestyle choices, while you still enjoy life and delicious food. Being well is not about depriving, it is about creating balance.

Initial Consultation (75 min): 

This time is to gather information. This is your opportunity to feel seen, heard, and understood. It is also an opportunity to get intimate with your biggest challenges, your deepest desires, and your ideal picture of health and self.  To make healthy sustainable change, one must get crystal clear on what is happening right now.

Things we may discuss:  Your health history including medication, illness, disease, family history. Career. Work load. Relationship. Exercise. Diet. Lifestyle. How you feel in your body both physically and mentally. Making positive change. Long-term/short-term goals.

Once the session is complete, you will receive some diet and lifestyle recommendation that you will start incorporating into your life immediately. Within two weeks of our session, you will receive a full report of recommendations that support your overall goals.

Recommendations (may) include: Recipes (including new foods to add to diet). Supplementation. Meditation, movement, healing, lifestyle and book recommendations. You will receive education on nutrition knowledge, while develop strategies for ongoing issues, and providing you with support..


Investment $99.99CDN

Purchase your follow-up session with your initial consultation for $149.99

Follow-up (45 min): 

Subsequent visits are encouraged, as there can definitely be some ‘growing pains’ with change.  Each follow-up appointment will allow you to further explore yourself, embracing and adjusting anything that comes up during this process.  Together we can further expand on your nutrition knowledge, develop strategies for ongoing issues, and provide you with support and accountability.


Investment $74.99 CDN

Purchase five follow-up sessions for $399.99CDN

Book Free Consultation (15min):

Investing in yourself can feel uncomfortable, I am happy to answer your questions in a 15-minute free consultation.

Investment: Free




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