Part Three: Facial Rejuvenation & Herbal Remedies For Dry Eyes

“Can I see your tongue?” Alyssa asked.

I stuck it out, feeling a little shy, wondering if I should have brushed my teeth before acupuncture.

Once my tongue had been observed, she pulled out a chart that explained the different areas of the tongue, and what condition my organs were in.

Surprise, surprise, my liver wasn’t happy, according to my tongue.


Once I was on the table, we did another Infinity Treatment.  She placed some needles within the liver meridian to support my liver. The facial acupuncture was similar to the first two sessions. Smaller needles were placed in areas that wrinkle easily, while supporting collagen production.

What I like about Alyssa, is she makes sure she is supporting the over-all body.  With skin being a reflection of over-all health, it is important to support detoxification and digestion.

In this treatment, she also focused on the top of my head. The different points were meant to help with relaxation, and “getting out of my head”.


I was out of my head alright. So much so, that I forgot my watch when I left.

Alyssa gave me some tea. She explained that the liver is connected to the eyes. As I have complained about dry eyes, she wanted to support them with this tea.

She made a very good point. The eyes have sensitive, thin skin around them. Rubbing (which I do a lot), will over time cause more wrinkles and irritation.

Enough about me, let’s talk about this tea.


Anti-Aging Goji & Chrysanthemum Tea

4-5 dried Chrysanthemum flowers (rinse first)

1 tsp of goji berries (rinse first)

1 cup of near-boiling water

You can infuse water with these beautiful herbs, up to three times.

This tea helps relieve dry tired eyes through vasodilation. It is a delicious boost of Vitamin C, and anti-oxidants as well.

Seeing is a beautiful blessing. Take care of those peepers, you only have one pair.

Curious what an infinity treatment is, click here. 

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