Part Two: Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

Do you want to feel seen, heard, and healed? You have to check out Alyssa Huang, who studied Constitutional Facial Acupuncture in New York, and Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture for the face.

I am in the process of going through a four-week treatment. We are meeting twice a week to balance my body, and rejuvenate my skin.  It is a bit of a commitment, but shouldn’t self-care be something we are committed to!?


Our session started with a thorough form that asked all the right health questions.  Each question indicated how the body was functioning.

Once I was on the table, Alyssa started off with checking my different organs and elements.

Akupunktur, Arzneien, Alternative

In Chinese medicine, each organ has a connection to an element. Within this is a wealth of knowledge on how a person processes life. She would place a needle in a meridian point, if it got red, she could tell there was stagnation in that organ, and element.

Turns out my liver and spleen were not happy. This means I am over-planning, having a difficult time digesting ideas, and just being way to Type A. Busted.

Next we moved on to an Infinity treatment.

Chinese medicine ingredients with scales and calligraphy.  Translation reads as chinese herbal medicine as increasing the bodys ability to maintain body and spirit health and balance energy.

This was meant to balance my yin and yang energy, while created optimal flow to my Qi energy.

In this treatment, we balanced my emotions. Both worrying and anxiety were something I expressed in my form.  So we got to the point (hehe), and used the meridians to create balance and harmony within.

Last was the facial rejuvenation.This was really cool. 

She placed needles in different meridian points on the face to help increase collagen production and just ease tension in different muscles. The next day my face definitely looked healthy. It had a glow to it.


The treatment over-all was very relaxing. I don’t like needles, but it really was quite surprisingly comfortable. I actually fell asleep a few times. I am having my second treatment today, so stay tuned.

I will say this. Whether acupuncture works or not, (and after this experience, I am a believer), it was so nice to take a couple of hours and just be with myself.

Alyssa was so good with explaining things, I learned something new and felt empowered to take better care of myself. I also left with a better understanding of myself, and my body.

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