Poem: The Irony Of Hiding The Dark Side Of Our Humanness

The irony of hiding the dark side of our humanness is that our secret is not really a secret at all. 

How can it be when we’re all safeguarding the very same story?  It’s almost a joke–a laughable admission that each one of us has a shadow self, a bumbling, bad-tempered twin. Big surprise! 

Just like you, I can be a jerk sometimes.  I do unkind, cowardly things, harbor unmerciful thoughts, and mope around when I should be doing something constructive. 

Just like you, I wonder if life has meaning; I worry and fret over things I can’t control; and I often feel overcome with a longing for something that I cannot even name.

For all of my strengths and gifts, I am also a vulnerable and insecure person, in need of connection and reassurance.  This is the secret I try to keep from you, and you from me, and in doing so we do each other a grave disservice.”

| Elizabeth Lesser, Broken Open

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