Private Yoga + Classroom Schedule

Private Yoga Session (90 min):

Wouldn’t it be ideal to have a yoga session that is custom tailored to you, your body, your health goals and concerns? This yoga class is not just another yoga class. Together we will sit down and establish what you are looking to accomplish with your yoga and over-all wellbeing. The class will be built using postures that support you. We will start with a discussion, each word you say will help me understand what postures you need. Yoga postures benefit not only the physical body, but the mind/body connection. Yoga is an excellent therapy to sink deeper into self-awareness, focusing the mind, cultivating an internal and external strength. After our conversation, we will get on the mat for an hour bend, flex, and stretch. During the yoga session, you will be supported to find the right posture, with proper alignment, while sinking deep into your body.

Post yoga, we will go over the class, and why these postures are therapeutic for you. This allows you to use them moving forward, understanding the benefits.


Investment $74.99CDN



If booking a private is not in your budget, or you would like to get a feel for my style of yoga, before booking in a private, come see me at Oxygen Yoga.

Monday 12:00pm [Hatha at Noon]

7:00pm [Hatha]

8:15pm [Deep Stretch + Relaxation]

Weds 8:00 pm [Hatha]

First week at Oxygen Yoga is $10 for new members.


1777 Haro Street
Vancouver, BC

778 995 1286

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