Respecting Your Mommy Friends Parenting Techniques |

Respecting Your Mommy Friends Parenting Techniques

This shouldn’t be an overly complicated topic. But unfortunately, some moms think that being a mom means they know everything about raising a child.

Hot topics such as vaccination, dietary choices (vegan/non-vegan), sleeping habits (co-sleeping), homeschooling, education, and religion, can cause war. We have all stumbled on a forum or two where these topics are being discussed.

Respecting Your Mommy Friends Parenting Techniques |

You might think you have the answers… and maybe you do. But nothing comes from being mean mommy on the playground, telling the others moms how to parent their kids. Likely you will embarrass yourself.

If someone is convinced they know what is best for their child – which is exactly how most women feel – you are not going to change their mind.

Your best bet is to walk away.

If an unvaccinated child worries you, don’t have your child play with them.

If you do not want your vegan child to smell dead flesh, don’t go over to their friends for a BBQ.

Respecting Your Mommy Friends Parenting Techniques |

But remember this, your child will see everything from meat to marijuana in their life. Focusing your energy on teaching your child to make good choices from an authentic place – much more important!

The exception to this rule is if your child or another child is in danger. Then let that mama bear out.

More moms need to mind their own business. Remember this: no one knows exactly how to do this thing called parenting. We take what we liked in our childhood. We learn from what we did not like. We try to read and educate ourselves. Raising a child is just like anything in life – unpredictable.

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