Secret Sauce Series: How To Reset Yourself (After Sh*t Has Hit The Fan)

Ever feel like you are ready to jump into your car, and start a new life in another city?

Let’s talk about when sh*t hit’s the fan.  

Maybe something really bad has found its way into your stratosphere. You lost someone you love, you got fired, your business burnt to the ground, or that person you loved (to the moon and back), walked in and said they don’t want to play house with you anymore….  Whatever happened, you are left in the depths of despair.

Chances are you have been in despair a few times while doing this thing called life. When you are in it, you can feel like you need a fireman without a spine to rescue you.

Naturally, we feel like we have to start fixing everything immediately. We race out, back into the world, distracting, adjusting, and trying our best to make things right again.


I once was given an hour notice, that I no longer had a job.  By chance, I ended up walking out of an elevator as my employer’s assistant waited to go up. He walked over to me and informed me that “she would be traveling indefinitely, and wouldn’t need my services until further notice….”Long story short, there was NO FURTHER NOTICE. I wish I could tell you I had signed a contract, but (naively) I had taken her word as my safety.

And there I was… unemployed. 

After crying for what seemed like eternity, I went and handed out resumes. Surprise surprise, no one wanted to hire the sad-looking girl.

The next time your life takes a drastic turn, call in sick, take a day, heck take a week, and just stop. 

Stop thinking the world will end without you. Drop the notion that you don’t deserve some time to heal. Fill your day with things that make you feel good, nourished, and absolutely comfortable.

Try this: 

Get Into Your Heart: Meditation, or just sit and breath into your heart. 

Cleanse In Water: Detox Bath (1/2 cup of baking soda, 1/2 cup of dead sea salt), followed by a nap

Eat Alive Food: Make yourself dinner, nourish your body. 

Hydrate: Heal with delicious mint infused water, tea, and juice (avoid alcohol, maybe temporarily it will numb, but it is a downer

Move Through It In Your Body: Stretch, breathe, yoga, meditate (and cry if emotion comes up)

Call A Soul Sister: Call someone who is really good at listening (or have a conversation with yourselfie or your diary)

Decompress In Fresh Air: Walk in nature, find a peaceful place you can be alone or with someone you find supportive 

Make Art, Read, Find Joy: Skip your to-do’s for the day

Write Your Experience A Letter: What did you learn, how is it helping you grow (do this when ready, grieve first)
It is never easy, but pain is a beautiful teacher.

Energy needs to move through you, e-motion!

Often we do not get the time we need to process the things we need to process. Part of resetting is acknowledging.

What do you do to reset?


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