Secret Sauce Series: How To Start A New Physical Activity (So You Can Lose Weight, Feel Good, Be Fit)

Want to know the secret sauce to getting the life, body, and relationship you want? Are you ready to feel GOOD, look great, wake up each day making the most of it? Are you tired of feeling tired, insecure, unattractive and half alive?

Look no further!  The secret sauce series is a collection of all the things you need to create a life that you love.

There is fundamental structures to self-improvement, a healthy body, and a beautiful relationship… and it starts with you! Your perception and how you choose to have an experience, will definitely dictate your success.

When I made the decision to live a healthier life, I fumbled through years of trial and error. I studied self-improvement obsessively. I also made all the mistakes possible, so you don’t have to. Learn how to make healthy positive change, and incorporate it into your lifestyle.

Living a good quality life is a package that requires you to nurture your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. I can show you how~!

Let’s start things off with the one thing most of us know we need to do, but struggle OH SO MUCH to commit to.

Physical activity.

I am a yoga teacher, that teaches beginner’s every week. Beyond being a teacher, I am a student. In my adult life I have taken up skiing, surfing, and tennis. I understand how a new sport (or skill), can not only be overwhelming but down right scary. The first time I tried to Kite Surf, I was thrown across the beach. I injured myself, and haven’t been back to try it again. WHY? It wasn’t fun.

Let’s face it life is busy, YOU are busy! You are NOT going to stick with a physical activity that only further drains your energy. This is why, YOU NEED TO FIND AN ACTIVITY THAT IS FUN, and something YOU ENJOY!

This might seem really obvious, but most of us are forcing ourselves to “go for a run”, “hit the gym”, or “go to yoga”. It is not because we want to go, but because we feel obligated. Why would anyone continue doing something that they only do because of obligation. You better believe on a ‘long day at the office’, Netflix will win!

The best thing I have done for myself is find activities I enjoy. I have met cool people, I look forward to playing, and I get a great work out! I leave feeling energized, inspired to be healthy, and seize the day.

Sometimes things feel awkward when they are new, so this is something to keep in mind. The first time I skied I didn’t have a great time.  I decided to go by myself a few more times (before I turned my ski’s into wall art), eventually it became my Friday ritual. Allow yourself to really give it a good go, and if it is still not something you enjoy, try a new instructor, class, or perhaps another activity.

Sit down and write out some of the sports and physical activities you enjoyed when you are younger. Next find a team, instructor, rental equipment place, and give it a try. You never know what kind of experience you might have, or who you might meet! I did have a nice looking fellow ask me out on the tennis courts. Clearly having fun and getting fit, looks good.

Leave a comment below, what activity are you going to try?

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