Secret Sauce Series: The Art Of Balance In A Relationship

Want to know the secret sauce to getting the life, body, and relationship you want? Are you ready to feel GOOD, look great, wake up each day making the most of it? Are you tired of feeling tired, insecure, unattractive and half alive?

Look no further! The secret sauce series is a collection of all the things you need to create a life that you love.

Today’s Topic: Balancing The Relationship 

I was feeling lonely, so I started to cancel things in my social calendar. Without conversation, I hoped by opening up more space, I would see my partner more.

Like a puppy waiting for my companion to come home, I would eagerly wait for him to walk in the door. Secretly I hoped the simple sight of me would inspire him to drop everything.

As he informed me of his evening agenda, I smiled, and fibbed “Oh, I was going to paint anyway…”

I love that my partner has hobbies. He works hard he deserves his play time, like we all do.

I knew we spent a good amount of time together, so I checked in with myself… why was I feeling lonely? Perhaps it was because I dropped all my plans?  I decided to fill my schedule back up. It wasn’t out spite. I just had a feeling I needed to focus on me.

When he asked me when we can hang out, I felt ready to embrace our time together, filled with joy.

A lot of people fall into co-dependent patterns. We want to make our partner happy, and we hope our partner will provide us with the same luxury… Yet in this can come dysfunction.

Two people should not turn into one. Often when we feel our partner isn’t providing us with something, it is because WE are not providing ourselves with that exact thing.

Yes your partner should enhance your life. There should be love, respect, and time dedicated to one another. But a partner is never responsible for your happiness or your self-love.

It is important to ask for what you need from your partner. And if in this case your partner does not ensure you are seen and heard, this is an issue that needs to be addressed.

So go see your friends, embrace hobbies you enjoy, and make a hot date with your beautiful partner when you both have time.

You are most attractive when you are happy. How can you make yourself happiest!?

If you are single, filling your calendar will be great for your happiness… and you never know who you might meet!

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