Let’s face it, we all want to feel beautiful, be successful, live well, be adored, feel alive, and be forever young (or at least look it). Yet, from a young age, we get told through advertising, media and other people that we aren’t good enough just the way we are. This causes us to abandon ourselves, looking for acceptance, never feeling quite right in our own skin.

Are you walking through life focused on your flaws, constantly thinking “my life has to be better than this”?! I hear ya, I did this for many years.

If you have found this page, I am willing to bet you are feeling lost. Maybe another relationship has gone wrong, or you gained all the weight back from your diet, or you just woke up one day and realized you feel completely disconnected from yourself.  You know you want to make change, but you don’t know how. What you have been doing, hasn’t worked.

My consultations are a blend of functional holistic nutrition, yoga therapy, intuition, self-exploration, and integrative health. The consultations are completely custom-tailored to you for the fastest most effective results.

Let’s explore your physical, emotional, and behavioural patterns, cultivating self-awareness.  Let’s talk about your food, your thoughts, emotions and subconscious programming that prevents you from being your best YOU!

Together we will build custom-tailored recommendations that will help you move out of self-sabotage and self-loathing.  You are unique, and this should be honoured.  My consultations are not built for the masses, it is a process where you feel acknowledged, seen, and heard.  I wanted to listen to you when you talk, I will understand what you have been through, and together we will create a safe space that you can take off your armour, and heal your heart.  By re-establishing your relationship with yourself, with recommendations that are made for you, and your lifestyle, you will step into your power, living the life you are meant to live.

I am living proof, as I practice what I preach.

Initial Consultation (90 min): 

This hour and a half is about you.  This is your opportunity to feel seen, heard, and understood.  We will walk through your biggest challenges, your deepest desires, and your ideal picture of health and self.  The key ingredient to making healthy sustainable change, is to create awareness around where you are at right now. Things we may discuss:  Your health history, how you feel about your body, what prevents you from making positive change, the influences in your life growing up, medication, lifestyle, diet, and your ideal short/long-term goals. Once the session is complete, you will receive some diet and lifestyle recommendation that you will start incorporating into your life immediately. Within two weeks of our session, you will receive a full report of recommendations that support your overall goals.

Recommendations may include: foods to add to your diet, supplements, lifestyle choices, aromatherapy, crystals, books to read, acupuncture, relationship advice, creating a bucket list (and doing it), embracing a nature hike, picking up a hobby, asking a guy on a date, going to the spa, and many other things.  We will find the perfect combination of activities to fill your heart, and nourish your soul.

Investment $194.99CDN

Purchase your follow-up session with your initial consultation for $279.99

Follow-up (30 min): 

Subsequent visits are encouraged, as there can definitely be some ‘growing pains’ with change.  Each follow-up appointment will allow you to further explore yourself, embracing and adjusting anything that comes up during this process.  Together we can further expand on your nutrition knowledge, develop strategies for ongoing issues, and provide you with support and accountability.

Investment $89.99CDN

Purchase five follow-up sessions for $399.99CDN

A New You-Three Month Coaching Program (6 x 60 minute, bi-weekly sessions):

So you have hit your “rock bottom”.  You are sick of feeling tired, stressed, disconnected from your body and hopeless. You feel like you have taken care of everyone but yourself.  You desire to feel happier and healthier.  You are ready to rebuild your body, yourself, your life, YOUR way.   This three-month coaching program is the most revitalizing way you can rebuild your relationship with yourself. Change requires support, accountability, and dedication. What better way than to invest in yourself? Creating consistency, and focusing on the change you wish to see, is the best way to ensure your transformation. Learn how: Click here! 

Investment $1149.99 CDN

Private Yoga Session (90 min):

Wouldn’t it be ideal to have a yoga session that is custom tailored to you, your body, your health goals and concerns? This yoga class is not just another yoga class. Together we will sit down and establish what you are looking to accomplish with your yoga and over-all wellbeing. The class will be built using postures that support you. We will start with a discussion, each word you say will help me understand what postures you need. Yoga postures benefit not only the physical body, but the mind/body connection. Yoga is an excellent therapy to sink deeper into self-awareness, focusing the mind, cultivating an internal and external strength. After our conversation, we will get on the mat for an hour bend, flex, and stretch. During the yoga session, you will be supported to find the right posture, with proper alignment, while sinking deep into your body.

Post yoga, we will go over the class, and why these postures are therapeutic for you. This allows you to use them moving forward, understanding the benefits.

Investment $69.99CDN

Online Workshop: How To Lose Weight With Self-Love:

Losing weight can feel like solving a Rubix Cube.  In this online workshop, you will create awareness around why you do what you do, and how to make positive healthy changes.  This workshop will provide you with simple consistent action steps to identify fear, and how it keeps you trapped from making change. Practical exercises that shift your patterns of self-sabotage when it comes to food and your body.  The importance of self-love and how to strengthen your relationship with yourself.  A powerful visualization meditation re-establishing lost compassion for yourself. Top secret tips on food and wellness that will never have you diet again. It is time to stop hating your body and release your issues around food once and for all.

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