I have spent most of my life learning about health and wellness.

By 17-years old, I had swam myself to the National team, trying out for the Olympics. With tendonitis in both shoulders, I was forced to quit swimming. While studying Psych in university, I was scouted to model at a restaurant. I embarked on an eight-year international model career. Although I learnt many tricks of the trade, I also saw a lot of suffering, which inspired my desire to study nutrition. After finishing my studies, I started consulting women in 2010, which included becoming a personal chef for a few of my clients. In between hosting workshops, speaking events, and corporate education programs; I studied plant-based cooking under a few of the best Vegan chef’s in Vancouver. Furthering my education, I studied and became a certified yoga teacher and meditation teacher. I have combined all of my education and life experiences, to serve you.

I believe self-care can change the world, and I am extremely passionate about learning, growing, and sharing this with the world.

I have worked with women all over the world, guiding them on a journey to vitality and wellness. Using a blend of functional nutrition, yoga therapy, intuition, self-exploration, we will create a lifestyle for you that embraces self-care.

Learn how to support yourself with healthy lifestyle choices, while still being able to enjoy your life.  Being well is not about depriving, it is about creating balance. Let’s ditch the Spanx and calorie counting, and start making choices that actually make you happy, and nourish the skin you are in.

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