Six Tips On Making Winter Clothes Look Less Frumpy, And More Stylish

I grew up in Saskatchewan; when it is -52, I could care less what I look like. The only goal with that kind of weather, is surviving without Frostbite. The model world did not approve of my practical mind. I could not wear my snowsuit, while going to castings.

I always admire those girls that will choose style over anything else. The gal that is freezing, but looks fierce; she is in high heels, while her feet bleed.

I have good news. You can look stylish and still be cozy. These tricks were a life-saver for me.

  1. Under-wear?  This is an old Saskatchewan secret. A pair of tights, hose, or silk Long John’s will keep you warm, while wearing less. I won’t tell anyone what is under your clothes.
  2. Emphasis the waist!  A sweater dress or shapeless top can leave us feeling frumpy. A cropped coat is a great way to create shape, and style. Warm it up with a nice hat or scarf.
  3. Be Soft and Flowy with Wool. An oversized sweater can be dressed up quite nicely with a flowy dress or skirt. Ditch the pants, and embrace something feminine. You can still pair it with some thigh-highs or tights.
  4. Play with Proportions.  Create more shape with a cropped sweater over a dress, longer shirt, or pants.
  5. In-Vest!  A vest can really change an outfit. I love a faux fur or faux leather vest, over a nice sweater or cardi.  Add a scarf and some nice gloves. You are warm and stylist.
  6. Belts & Cross-bags, Oh My.  A baggy cardigan, sweater, or jacket can keep you warm. Add a belt or cross bag, will create some shape.These tricks are great for the pocketbook. You prob have most of these items in your wardrobe, it is simply allowing yourself to get creative and cozy. Personally, I could live in sweats… But I have noticed I feel more confident when I put in the extra effort. You never know who you will bump into… Running into the ex (that broke your heart), with greasy hair and sweats… Not ideal.

    You will never have another uninspired outfit again using Pinterest, which is where I found these photos.

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