Six Ways To Deal With Disappointment

Being in the model industry, disappointment is just another day in the business. Feeling disappointed isn’t really fun, but I think coping with it in the right way, makes it easier.

Here are Six Tricks To Help With Disappointment:

1. Let It Out.  We are taught to be strong, see past it, keep going; and you should do all of this.  But first, process it!  Unprocessed emotions are like a shaken up champagne bottle, with a faulty cap.  If you need to cry, scream, yell, punch pillows, DO IT!  You aren’t doing yourself any favours acting like it doesn’t hurt.

  1. Know This Disappointment Doesn’t Define You.  You are still great, awesome, powerful, and worthy.  Write down ten of your achievements, blessings, and/or things to feel grateful for (add lots of details)!

  2. Get Honest.  Sometimes we think we want it simply because we didn’t get it. Look at what opportunity disappointment gave you. Perhaps it is the perfect time to take yourself on a date, or do something for yourself.

  3. Trust It Didn’t Work Out For A Reason.  Be an eternal optimist.  Something better is coming for you.

5. Know You Did Your Best.  All you can ever do or be, is your best.  It isn’t that your best is not good enough, it’s that your best just isn’t the right fit.

  1. Practice Acceptance.  Reality is, we will be disappointed in life; but from this comes growth.  And that is what we are here for, growth.

How do you cope with disappointment?

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