Chocolate Nut Rice-Cakes Recipe

Real Talk: I LOVE junk food. I have since I was old enough to understand what it is.

My mother, bless her, did NOT allow us to eat crap. Which in turn, probably made me want it more…

So the day I had enough money saved up, I went straight to the corner store and spent it all.

I am sure the candy lasted an hour…

Now, I try to ration my junk food intake. I am not perfect, and I never intend to be. I believe that saying “I will never do this again”, is often a one-way ticket to doing it again.

I prefer balance!

One thing that has helped me cut out the junk, is finding health yummy alternatives. Something I can be equally excited about, that nourishes me body.

So, without further ado, here is my yummy skinny snack alternative.

You will need: rice crackers, coconut peanut spread (or any nut butter), raw cacao nibs, cinnamon, a banana (or any fruit), & Himalayan salt.

Basically you spread and sprinkle a rice cracker with all of this deliciousness. (I believe you can figure this part out.)  You might have to find  a Whole Foods or fancy organic grocery store for the ingredients, but splurge and treat yourself! Your body will thank you!

This yummy alternative will sweeten your day, and keep your skin youthful. It is gluten & dairy free as well!

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