Social Media: Friend Or Foe?

Well, I did it–I deleted Instagram! The question is how am I supposed to tell anyone? Because if it didn’t happen on Instagram–did it really happen? (Sorry I’ve been watching Yummy Mummy’s on Netflix). I keep asking myself: is social media my friend or foe?

The new iPhone tracking system allows us to keep tabs on ourselves. If this isn’t the best shaming technique, I don’t know what is! Turns out I am spending up to 4-5 hours a WEEK (of my precious time)–burning my finger off.

I must confess 15 minutes here and there REALLY adds up.

I keep telling myself I used to be an interesting person before motherhood. I had time to draw, socialize, do yoga, run my business, AND burn my thumb off on social.

These days–Im lucky to have an uninterrupted shower.

…So what is up with the ridiculous amount of time online.

Social media… Friend… or Foe?

Social Media: Friend Or Foe? |

We all know that other people’s highlight reel is a one-way ticket to feeling like a bag of sad.

The ‘sharing is comparing’ makes us all feel two inches big. It has gotten out of control… like are these people’s lives (or face) even real?

With 1 Billion people on Instagram–I can’t help but wonder how addicted are we?

Social media drives a dopamine response. Yep just likes Drugs, Sex, and Rock and Roll baby. We loooooves it. But at what cost?

Social media is linked to depression and loneliness. On top of that, it is addictive, and as you can see everywhere you go, WE ARE HOOKED!

Normally I would insert some words of wisdom into my post. I would advise on what worked for me…
Today I have decided to keep it simple.

Since I shut off social media–I have spent time drawing. I wrote this blog. I swear I am looking at my son with new curiosity. I took photos of things FOR ME–not just to show the world that I had a bath (with a face mask on). I am doing things with my time that matter to me.

On top of that, I feel less lonely.

I thought I would feel totally naked and alone… I am surprised to report I feel GOOD.

Social media ain’t no friend of mine. And although I haven’t entirely worked out how I am going to *share* my writing, and run my online personal brand… in the short term, I don’t care.

Social Media: Friend Or Foe? |

I care that I am writing. I care that I am investing in things that make me feel GOOD. I know this leads to more success.

I suggest if you have been craving a social media hiatus–you dismount immediately.

Like any addiction–it will feel weird at first. It might be really hard.

Get a hobby. Spark some joy. Don’t know what that is? Well, what a time to figure it out! I know this sounds so freakin obvious–but I think that is the problem…

Social media steals us from ourselves.

We give into swiping because it is easier than putting effort into our life… because we tired. But guess what–investing in yourself is energizing. At first, it might not feel that way–but over time–you just might find–you feel better.

Now if you will excuse me, I have to go for a walk with my lil.

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