The Secret Sauce To A Killer Wardrobe

I have referenced my time as model in a few blogs. What I mention less is I am still very much active as a model.

After spending four days doing trunk shows for big designers at big designer stores… I wanted to discuss the art of conscious shopping.

I have witnessed many times (ladies especially), buying things desperately. You hear things you don’t always want to hear being a model… Perhaps sometimes I am mistaken as a mannequin…

I have heard ladies speak of their hubby’s having affairs, feeling unattractive, or witnessed them obsesses over an item… even competing over it. I have seen a lot of people buying clothes for all the wrong reasons.

Now I have been guilty of a lil retail therapy myself. In fact, I used to identify very much with clothes validating me… I once turned my four bedroom home into a three bedroom, so I could have a walk-in closet… and it was FULL.  I can tell you, today I have none of those clothes. I have no idea where they are, but I did spend a small fortune during that time. I wish I could say I appreciated things, but in truth.. I was focused on getting more.

We all have more than we need. Back in the day you had a work dress, and your Sunday best. It is not realistic to think we should go back to owning two items of clothes. However we have lost perspective on WANT and NEED.

Before purchasing ponder this:

1.) Explore if you NEED it, or perhaps already have something similar.

2.) If you don’t love it, leave it, even if it is on sale.

3.) If it is on sale, ask yourself: would you pay full price… If not, walk.

4.) Don’t buy garbage. Cheap is cheap, period.

5.) Save up for big purchases. Discuss a lay-away option with your favourite retailer.

6.) Stop trending, and start investing. Buy life pieces. Classic pieces.

7.) Walk away. If you can stop thinking about it, go back. But don’t get caught up in the moment, to come home to a bag of stuff you feel impartial to.

Take it from an old gal that did the trends, and bought into fashion like a true model should. What you wear can be an expression of who you are, and there is nothing wrong with having nice things. With the average person wasting 81-lbs of textiles a month, we need to chill out with the shopping.

Plus, when you want to buy a car, a house, or invest in the bigger things, it’s really nice to have some money put away.

Studies have proven people are happier with experiences than they are with stuff. So even though that thing might bring you a night of happiness, eventually it will be just another thing in your closet…

How do you consciously shop?

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