Three Questions To Ask Yourself Before Making New Years Resolutions

Another Christmas behind us, and a New Year upon us.

Naturally most of us are taking some time to reflect on what we would like to see, come 2017.  Some people have quite an extensive process; while other’s passively announce a few “resolutions” that are forgotten by the middle of Jan.

If booking a day off work to plan your goals, isn’t your style, let me introduce you to a simple method. Three big questions that can direct you into a beautiful year.

The two key ingredients to successful goal setting are: be realistic, and make sure you are doing it for yourself.  Writing a book, quitting smoking, and losing 50 lbs in a month, might not be realistic. Here are three questions that are:

  1. What did you do this year that you are really proud of?
  2. What lessons did you learn from your mistakes?
  3. What are you willing to let go of?

Taking some time to reflect on accomplishments is important. If you are like me; I am onto the next thing, before I get a chance to relish in my victory.

Equally it is important to think about the tough stuff. What lessons came from mistakes made? How did you learn and grow because of those difficult moments?

Last, but not least, what can you let go of. Maybe it is a self-sabotaging behaviour… Or a bad relationship. Don’t carry crap into another year. You can only put so much on your back.

Love yourself enough to let go. If you can’t let go, best you figure out why you hold on.

I am wishing you a very merry happy new year! May 2017 be magical for you.


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