What My Grandmother Taught Me About Life

In my younger years my favourite place to be, was Grandma’s house. It was a magical place where we were encouraged to use our imagination, but also learnt important life skills, like cooking and growing our own food.

My grandmother emphasized the importance of taking care of our feet, face, and hands. She always looks picture perfect, and has aged with such grace. I do value, as a woman, all that she has taught me.

It was my Grandmother’s birthday recently, and in spirit of gaining some kind of wisdom from my beautiful grandmother, I asked:

“Grandma, what would you tell your 20-year old self?”

Sometimes my grandmother’s voice reminds me of Meryl Streep’s voice when she played Julie Child. She took a second to reflect on the question.

“Well, I wouldn’t desire to change anything.”

We spoke of her passion’s and how investing into them was important.

We talked about life, love and lessons.

“Sometimes you have to just jump in and ‘wing it’!” she said with a chuckle.

There it was: The freedom to live, the space to make a mistake,  the wisdom to travel a path of joy and passion.

I don’t think life has guarantee’s.

Therefore, it makes sense that sometimes WE DO, just have to wing it, trusting that we are going to one day look back and say…

“I wouldn’t change a thing!”

Each fragment of any self-perceived ‘imperfections’ or unpredictability, would simply be an adjustment, a lane change, all part of the journey.

Our Grandparents hold the wisdom that only living life can bring. Ask them questions, and listen to what they say.

Leave a comment below, share the wisdom you have acquired.


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