What PMS Is Telling You About Your Body + Nutrient Deficiency (And How To Fix It)

Some ladies barely notice when their Flow is coming in, others feel like a freight train falling off the rails.

Whether you are a man or woman, PMS may have affected your life at some point.

For the gentleman, and I call you that for a reason, try to be patient with your hormonal babe. She does not know what she does. Read more on my Gentleman’s Guide To Their PMS’n Babe.

For the hormonal babe, try to remember you are hormonal, and your gentleman should not be shat on, because he breathes.

There is scientific evidence, calcium and vitamin D, supporting cyclic fluctuations during the menstrual cycle. This may help explain some features of PMS. Ovarian hormones influence calcium, magnesium and vitamin D metabolism.

Some ladies were put on 500mg of calcium (twice a day), for three months. They noticed a difference in their mood, energy level, and appetite.

Here are some things in my Mary Poppin’s bag, that I would highly recommend for PMS (from one sister to another):

Supplement: Calcium/Magnesium/D3 ComplexB-Complex 

Raspberry Tea is high in magnesium, potassium, iron and b-vitamins.

Essential Oils: Cypress oil, Ylang Ylang, Lavender, or Peppermint oil can improve circulation. Apply to warm compress or directly on skin, to help relieve cramping. (Test your skin first.)

Sweat. Exercise is good any time, but during this time, it can be a lifeline. I love gentle hatha.

Hydrate to help decrease bloating.

Avoid alcohol, sugar, caffeine.  I like an extra big glass of wine, and some chocolate when I am feeling the PMS. But if you can avoid it, these things typically create more of an imbalance, that balance.

Ritual. This can be a great time to invite that solo time into your busy schedule. Honour yourself and your body. If everything is annoying you, why not make it an opportunity to comfort  and console yourself solo in a bath of herbs? Write in a journal. Stretch. Meditate. Yoga.

Let’s be real here ladies. The true art of PMSing, is just getting through it, while trying to do our daily duties. Don’t tell your boss I said this, but I do not think it is unreasonable to take a day off, and dedicate that time to yourself. Sometimes I want to get in my car and drive to a new country, other’s I just want my boyfriend to rub my back… either way, I try to take deep breaths, reminding myself “This to shall pass”.

Main Image Source: My Moontime  Check out her very cool app, to help you with your flow time.

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