What The Eff Are Tinctures, Can I Drink Myself To Healthy Skin?

Tinctures have been the talk of the town for a while. Used by make-up artists in the shows in both Paris and New York. Featured in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Goop.

Read Vogue Article: The Rise of the Herbal Beauty Tincture
Read Vogue Article: The Rise of the Herbal Beauty Tincture

Now more than ever, women want to know that they are using products on and in their body, that are of high quality, and low chemical ingredients.

I was introduced to tinctures by my acupuncturist/massage therapist. After a few weeks of high doses of Ginseng, Reishi, Chaga, and many other adaptogens, I felt alive.  Placebo? Maybe. Beneficial? Absolutely!

How can we not respect an eastern medicine tradition, that has been used since the second century, to enhance well-being?


Beauty Herbal tinctures are potent plant-based, drinkable holistic remedies that are steeped in alcohol, to increase their concentration and health benefits! 

Your body is one unit, and keeps track of what you do. A poor diet, or party-girl lifestyle, will have a damaging effect over time.

Why Tinctures? They go beyond the surface level, supporting your body, by nourishing your organs, supporting detoxification, and cell regeneration. Depending on your herbal cocktail blend, you might find yourself supporting your digestive system, removing inflammation, supporting your stress gland, or cleansing your liver.


Results include, glowing skin, vibrant energy, a better sleep, and digestion.

Beauty goes far beyond the surface level. Beauty is a lifestyle; it is living well. You look your best, when you feel your best. Tinctures support this.

If you would like to nourish the skin you are in, or even know how to make your own tinctures; we are having an event, with our friends, The Juicery, Nov 24, 2016.

Click here, for details.



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