What To Expect From Having Your Akashic Records Read: 

You might not hear what you want to hear, but you will hear what you need.

Your healing journey is entirely up to you.  The more you are present, in the body, and open to receive, the more transformative the reading will be.

If you have a meditation practice, or any calming practice, I recommend you do this before the session.

It is best if you are feeling present and calm. You do not want to do any drugs or alcohol 24-hours before the session (or after, for better integration).

Make sure you are comfortably dressed, so you can not be distracted by any discomfort. Removing all distractions from this sacred time is imperative.

The Records are a safe loving space. It is a time where you should allow what comes up for you, to move through you, the Akashic work best this way. Often in life, we have a negative experience, that truly hurts us, and we shove it down deep inside of us. It stays there, and is never dealt with, or forgotten. This pain shows up in our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Some times the Keepers may shine light on this hurt, because behind it is a belief system, that is ready to be released.

By releasing the hurt, allowing it to move through you, you will make choices in your waking life, that are better for you. Feeling good is more authentic after hurt has been released. Humans often find pleasure in “sinfully delicious” things. It is a form of sabotage, but it is necessary sometimes to cope with what life is providing.

However it is not life that is providing your reality, you are, with your choices. Naturally if you have a disposition for hurtful and painful experiences, you will make choices in that way, to feel normal. By healing those sore belief systems through the Akashic, you will find yourself seeking out more positive experiences, which will lead to a better way of life. You want to feel good, don’t you?

The Records are open by a sacred prayer the conduit will say. Once out loud, twice in the mind. The experience from there is unique to the individual.

The Records are like your soul’s library. All it has thought, felt, experienced, are recorded.  The keepers will guide the conduit to what is of your highest good for you to know. Once the healing has been complete, the records will be closed.

After the session, it is encouraged to do some grounding work. Eat something nourishing, drink lots of water. Honour the process to the best of your ability. You have moved through a lot of energy in the session, if you can relax, this is encouraged.


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