Finding Purpose, When You Feel Purposeless

They say you are who you hang out with.  So, WHO DO YOU WANT TO BE?

If you knew, you were influencing those around you (which you are), how would you show up?

Would you be the friend that entices others to make bad choices and decisions they will later regret? Decisions that hurt them mentally, emotionally, spiritually, or even physically.

Or would you be the friend that encourages your friends to make great choices, for the better good, of themselves (and those around them)? Lifting them up to a happier, healthier more beautiful space.

Making good choices, doesn’t exclusively involve when you are with others.  Do you take care of yourself?  Do you work-out, eat right, meditate, and embrace personal growth? Making good choices for yourself, will influence those around you, just as much as the choices you make while together.

Never forget that you, and what you do, is being noticed, observed, and even imitated by those around you.  Lead by example.

Humans naturally mimic their peers as a way to belong, feeling accepted and part of the pack.

Wouldn’t you rather be a mentor to those around you? A person people look forward to sharing time with?

Know this:  By taking responsibility for your actions, putting integrity behind each choice, you will not only discover who you are, you will also make the world a better place.

If each choice you made in life was done with careful consideration, the result would be a true representation of you!



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