Who’s Edie?

Her name was Edith, but she preferred Edie for short. Ever since she was a little girl, she loved to play in the flowers and trees.

Her nanny would tell her the name of each flower, Edie would gather flowers braiding crowns, bouquets, and pressing them into books.

Edie grew up a socialite in the Gilded Age. It was 1901. The Gilded age coincided with the Victorian Era in England, and Belle era in France. It was a time of optimism, peace, prosperity, and innovation.  Music, art, literature, and theatre flourished. It was a beautiful place in history, and to be alive.

Rose red cheeks and violet eye’s, Edie was known for her beautiful skin and vibrant energy. Edie loved taking care of herself, she believed it was a luxury all women should embrace. Her favourite activity was dressing herself up and pampering herself in the finest herbal potions, lotions, and tinctures.

“Plants are medicine sent from the heavens”, she would say.

Edie loved to walk through the fields and forrest, picking flowers and herbs along the way. She would dry them, and soak them in fine wines, oils, and water. She bathed in botanics, drank herbal tinctures, and massaged flower essence oils into her skin. Everyone wanted to know her secret. If she really loved you, you would get one blue bottle of Edie’s Botanical’s. She would write on the label all the ingredients in cursive.

It is rumored Edith lived to 101 years old. She never would reveal her age, but she acted youthful, and never looked a day over 45.

Many years after Edie passed on, her granddaughter found a trunk, in the attic of her old home. Inside was all her recipes, dried flowers, botanical drawings, and pages of research.

Edie was an alchemist that used earth’s magic to keep her young.  Her granddaughter decided that her grandma’s story needed to be told. Not in the typical fashion of a biography, but through her herbal remedies.

Edie’s Botanical’s was reborn. This little blue bottle is the fountain of youth.


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