Why A Lack Of Sleep Is Causing Weight Gain (And What To Do About It)

Creams, pills, lasers, wraps; we will try anything to avoid the cold hard reality that exercise, is our best bet with weight loss. (Along with a healthy diet.)


Studies have shown that people who exercise in the morning, tend to stick with their exercise habits. As the day unfolds, other distractions play a big role in why we don’t end up working out.

Obviously it is more important, to simply exercise any time you can… morning, night, or evening.  Not all of us are “morning people” or have time in the a.m.

Getting out of bed at the crack of dawn, to get into a cold car, and drive to the gym, sounds about as much fun as the dentist.


Perhaps a little motivation will help you? Research suggests that morning exercise improves sleep, a benefit that could also promote weight loss. Why?

A poor quality sleep influences certain hormones that control appetite.  A lack of sleep could have you snacking or feeling hungry more often.

We live in an insomniac world; most of us are sleep deprived, living a sedentary lifestyle, eating food to self-soothe, too exhausted to exercise, waiting for the weekend.

According to a study done by Harvard, it takes one week to adjust to a new sleeping schedule.


Making change is never easy. You have a choice: Invest in your health; or (one day) pay for your choices. Your body is keeping track of what you eat, how much you sleep, and if you exercise.

Get a coffee machine with a timer, find a workout buddy, go to bed early, stick with it.

You will notice a different in how you look, and feel.




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