Why I Took A Break From Self-Help And You Should Too

Self-improvement, Self-help, Self-love.  I have done it all.  I have spent thousands of dollars, and thousands of hours on improving myself.

If you find yourself in a position of being a self-improvement junkie, it might be time to step back, marvel in your growth, and take some time to apply your new skills.

There are a lot of ways to distract ourselves from things we don’t want to feel or see. Just because it doesn’t look like a hung-over morning; exercise, self-improvement, and healthy eating can also be a way of not coping.

At some point we have to understand that the hand we were dealt, can either prevent us from living a fulfilling beautiful life, or it can encourage us.  Take the tough times, and know that you found your strength in those moments.

Know that you can set a different tone for your adult life, than the life you may have experienced as a child. Your parents could have been your greatest teachers of what you don’t want in life. Never forget, every moment you have a choice to change the way you live. Life experience is a priceless education.

Put down the books that highlight what is wrong with you, and go outside and live your life. Learn to live with the darkness you carry, and the light you shine.

A lot of self-help leaves us feeling like we need it to be our strength, but I promise my dear, you had the strength all along.


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