Why Juicing is BAD!

JUICING has taken over the world as the latest nutrition (AND fashion) trend.  Juicing has become the ultimate accessory that implies: if you care about your appearance and health, you juice!


Be cautious of trends and know the facts!

1) Juicing spikes the blood sugar levels. 

Juice is mostly sugar. The process removes the fibre,  leaving the sugar and nutrients.  Yes, the sugar is from a natural source, but it can spike your blood sugar levels.  Best to have a juice with a meal.

2) There is controversy if juicing even makes it easier to absorb the nutrients. 

Mayo clinic said there is NO scientific proof that the nutrients are more absorbable by extracting the fibre.  Furthermore, fibre IS healthy.  It is necessary for elimination.

3) You will gain weight from juice diets. 

If you are trying to lose weight “juicing”, you are headed for a disaster.  Sure you will lose weight, but you are starving yourself, and most definitely will put the weight back on. You would benefit and have better results from a healthy clean diet and exercise.

I have never found anything in excess works.  Balance is the key ingredient to a healthy lifestyle.

Juice and a healthy snack? Great idea!

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