Why Taking Back Your Power, Leaves You Feeling Powerless

When I visualize what ‘taking my power back’ looks like, I visualize burning bras, or a revolution of some sort.  I doubt high school students will be learning about me ‘taking back my power’ in their history class.

Taking back my power included: quitting a bad habit, escaping a negative friendship, ditching a “going nowhere” job, and leaving an unhealthy relationship.

I have to admit, taking back my power was somewhat anti-climatic.  Although I had rerouted my own history, transforming my life…  There was no one waiting for me at the finish line with a prize. 

When we give away our power, it is often at the expense of us abandoning ourselves. Therefore taking our power back, can be lonely.

Often we seek out the approval of others to reassure us that we have made the right choice.  When ‘taking back your power’, also means leaving your (formally known as) support group, it can be really tough to keep yourself convinced, that you have made the ‘right choice’.

If you have found yourself in a “take your power back” situation, give yourself a pat on the back!  You have just chosen yourself.  The world needs more people like you. 

You might feel lonely, but over time, it will be worth it, I promise! You will find a new tribe, relationship, and healthier habits to fill that void.

The best advice I can give anyone, when taking their power back, is this: 

Give It Time, Take Care &  Trust Yourself.   

Time heals and brings clarity.  Trusting yourself means doing the right thing for you.  

The reality is, change is difficult, but inevitable.  Better to embrace it, than have it forced upon you.

Know that for some reason you decided that you want a better life. Sometimes the road to a better life can feel uncomfortable, but that is just because it is new. Stick with your choice and yourself!

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