You Are Better Than You Think: How To Stop Sabotage

Ever look at an old photo, and think “Wow, I actually look really good in this pic, I remember feeling … insert negative thought here.”

I have been going through old work documents on my computer. I remember always thinking at the time, “I need to improve this before anyone see’s it”. 

I had to produce something for my clients, which left me no choice but to overcome these thoughts… and I am glad I did.

This is my Sabotage: Crippling Perfectionist. 

Self-sabotage tends to linger in our lives because of a lack of self-esteem, or we feel unable to manage our thoughts or emotions effectively. 

“This isn’t going to work…” 

“I don’t care…”

“I’m too busy…” 

“This isn’t good enough…” 

Sound familiar?  

The first step towards recovery, is identifying how you are sabotaging yourself.

What are your goals? 

What choices do you make that get in the way of this? 

Q: “What  I am doing to hold myself back?”

I encourage you to sit down with your journal, and write out what the behaviour is. Next, ponder on what TRIGGERS the behaviour.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to avoid triggers. But finding a healthy replacement can create a new outlook and behaviour.

My solution: When I find myself struggling, I take a five minute break. A walk, a video, or an inspirational read fills this time. I commit to coming back to the task, finishing what I started. This five minutes gives me space to simply shift gears, get out of my head, and into the moment (where creativity lives). 
Brainstorm: What healthy behaviour can I replace my sabotaging behaviour with? 

Supporting ourselves can feel really weird. But a lack of support will inevitably lead to a continuation of self-sabotaging behaviour. 

Don’t look back ten years from now, realizing you were totally capable of achieving those things YOU TRULY DESIRE. 

Self-doubt never goes away entirely, but with the right tools, it gets easier to manage. 

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