Your Body, Your Home

How do you feel about this concept that your body, is your home?

It seems both obvious and obscure, depending on the relationship you have with yourself…

I know it took me a long time to consider my body my home. I was much better at denying my behaviour that would inevitably hurt my body. Therefore thinking of my body as my home, did not serve me.

It was only after therapy, support groups, nutritionists, naturopaths, and an education in nutrition, yoga, and meditation; that I was able to start looking at the miracle of the body. It took healing to acknowledge the majestic creature I truly am.

This fall, I met a model named Taylor. She is a beautiful woman in so many ways. We were at Holt’s doing a fashion show. As we sat behind the scene’s, we connected over our love for wellness. It was then that we decided to collaborate.

The following Saturday, warm tea in hand, we cruised down to the beach in Vancouver and made a beautiful video. What was beautiful for me, was the conversation we had. Turns out we had been on a very similar journey. And although we had just met, it felt like our similar story created a special bond, and added magic to our project.

Battling with the body is all-consuming. Denying the very home we live in, is confusing. Being confused about food, is toxic. And finding our way back home is not a journey for the faint of heart.

If you are on a journey back to loving yourself, or even liking yourself… know that you are brave, strong, and courageous. The struggles you have endured do not make you weak.

Below is the poem I wrote for our project.

Home [hom]. Noun. a place where one lives permanently/

Your body.

Your home.

The place we reside our entire lives.

We only have one body.

We know we must care for it, honour it, honour ourselves…

But the roadmap to self-care, can be a winding road.

Finding your way, starts with the breath.

Take a deep breath, expand your chest, pause in the moment, and exhale into calm.

We can navigate a little smoother, expanding through the inhale, and releasing through the exhale.

We can slow time, expanding through the lungs; releasing and surrendering with the exhale.

This is your body, this is your home, you are safe here.

Adrienne x Taylor Film Shot at Third Beach in Vancouver, BC.

Wearing Beth Richards.

Written, Narrated, and Performed by Adrienne Ford

Created, Directed, and Edited by Taylor McKay

Adrienne Ford Nutrition, Yoga, Meditation Teacher, Model web: insta:…

Taylor McKay Model, Photographer web: insta:…

Beth Richards (Quality Modern Swimwear) web: insta:…

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