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Avoiding A Painful Postpartum Poop

We all have different ideas of a victorious meal. But what you eat might affect that first visit to the throne. A painful postpartum visit can be more difficult that labour itself.

Your first meal should most definitely be whatever you heart desires. You deserve it!

Once you have completed your victory meal, you might want to consider eating to support your body. Just think, your organs have been squished for at least 5 months. If you had drugs administered in your labour, you have that to deal with as well. You are prob dehydrated, have lost fluids, and have an exhausted body that could use some nutrients.

Avoiding a Painful Postpartum Poop | AdrienneFord.net

After my surgery (for which I fasted over night) I had a full plan of what I was going to eat. I put my nutrition education to use to ensure I was nourishing myself, and my postpartum business was to be a delight.

The first thing that I had was a juice, and it was delicious. When I got the green light to eat, I had greasy Chinese food. After that I got serious about diet.

Prior to my surgery, I went to Whole Foods and purchased things that were high in fibre (soluble and insoluble).

Post-op, I focused all my efforts on hydration. I always had a full water bottle that I was chugging every time I could.

My milk was delayed because of my surgery, so I also started eating a ton of coconut rich snacks and oatmeal. (They’re good for milk and digestion.)

I ordered bland food from the hospital with fibre in mind. I stayed away from white bread, cheese, pasta, and ate whole grains and fruit.

The hospital did supply stool softener… which I took.

Avoiding a Painful Postpartum Poop | AdrienneFord.net

I am happy to report my first bowel movement was not painful. It hurt a little where my stitches were, but I felt very lucky. My digestive system started to work again three days after my surgery. I never strained or had any pain.

I understand how it might feel really attractive to comfort eat and not think about this. But a little discipline will go a long way. You have your whole life to eat all those delicious things you might have missed out on. So take care down there.

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