How To Be A Mom

It might be one of those days that you actually need advice on how to be a mom.

Or perhaps it is a day where you feel on top of the world, and ready to judge someone for attempting to tell you what to do.

Such is life… we can feel like we have it all figured out. Or we can be left to felt more lost than Where’s Waldo…

How To Be A Mom | Adrienne Ford

I know you are a mom, and time is precious… so let me get to the point on how to be a mom.


Let me tell you what I do know. I spent my pregnancy regularly dreaming about screwing up my son. I would wake up asking myself the big question…


How To Be A Mom | Adrienne Ford

But the minute my son was born, I received some kind of esoteric download. I knew in my core what he needed. I would shock myself when I read the “How To’s” of motherhood… because I was ALREADY doing it.

…This is NOT an opportunity for me to brag. I am telling you this because I KNOW you will do the same.

And guess what?!

The world ISN’T perfect! So why the heck do you think that you have to be?
Your kid is not going to benefit from a perfect mother. Your kid is going to benefit from a REAL mother.

So admit your mistakes. Say sorry when you screw up. And remember that you GOT THIS.

Because you do and you will. And the fact you are worried about it–just shows how much you care.

OK TEAM! Let’s break up this huddle so we have a few minutes to drink that coffee before it get’s cold.

I would love so much if you share this with a mama that needs to hear this today.

And on that note… what about your partner’s journey? More on that here!

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