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Adrienne Ford

I like to think of life like a ‘choose your own adventure’ book. Sometimes we safely turn the page into the familiar; other days, we catapult ourselves 70 pages ahead into the unknown.

We don’t always know why we make the decision we make. Regardless of this, what awaits us on the next page is an opportunity to learn about life and ourselves. Slowly as we learn, the journey feels a little smoother, even like we have a map of where to go next.

From where I sit now, I can say everything in my life makes sense. All those places I thought I was supposed to go (and did), were not dead ends, but more so an opportunity to learn about myself.

I have modelled all over the world, tried my hand at entreprenuership twice, and swam myself to Olympic Trials. Because this is NOT my resume, I won’t sit here and list off education and credentials until I put you to sleep.

But I will tell you most of the things I persued did NOT work out as I thought they would. And for a long time, I let that define me. What I didn’t know then, was that what was meant to be would be equally fulfilling.

Today, I am a mother (best and hardest job ever). I manage a local businesses (in Vancouver BC) social media and online publication. I get to be creative, play with design, connect with people, and learn about fascinating things. I also get to work from home and watch my son grow up–which to me, is the ultimate success.

Here is what I am trying to tell you–success doesn’t always mean a Fortune 500 company. It means finding a lifestyle that works for you. For a long time, I had that all wrong.

I used to run a wellness business, so you will find a lot of selfie-helpie kind of stuff on this website. However, as I shift into a new version of my self-expression, this will be a place that I share things I love and things that inspire me–and I hope you enjoy them too.

The world is more beautiful when we stop to appreciate art, enjoy magical moments, and inspire one another to express that unique, beautiful self.

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