Adrienne Ford | What Jealousy Reveals

Mirror Mirror On The Wall: What Jealousy Reveals

When we look at someone that has their life together…
…The body…
…The partner…
…The career…
[Insert the thing you want here.]

It is hard for jealousy not to rear its ugly head.

Jealousy normally accompanies judgment.

We soothe ourselves with some good ol’ fashion mean girl thoughts.

“OMG she is so fake!”

“As if she knows what it is like to struggle!”

“Who does she think she is.”

(This may or may not include wrangling up some friends, to discuss these thoughts in a not-so-nice way…)

Let’s assume here you do not know this person. (I mean how well do you ever know someone anyway?)

All you know is–she has things that make you turn green with envy.

Truth bomb: What someone else is doing with their life is none of your business… But for some reason it is a habit for a lot of us to make it personal.

Your business is your reaction to this person. Take a mirror and look into it!

Why are you judging this person?

Why are you making this about you?

Why does this person trigger you?

There will always be someone that has things you want.
Equally, you will be someone that has things someone else wants.

It is very natural to compare with one another. It is a survival instinct to understand if someone is a threat.

A girl with a nice pair of shoes–will not be attacking you in the jungle mmmk?

We tend to surround ourselves with people that do NOT make us feel bad about ourselves. This is a great way to never question complacency.

But there is much benefit to being around people that might make you question where you are at. People that make you a little uncomfortable (in an inspiring sort of way).

If you want things in life–you have to be the one that pursues them. Seeing someone that has those things going on–is an excellent way to see your truth.

Certain things we cannot do anything about.

You cannot change your genetics.
You cannot change where you came from (upbringing).
You can change a relationship or a career–but it will take time.

You have to learn to accept what you cannot change. Have awareness to know the difference. And be bold in going after what you want.

There is value in noticing what triggers you.

It is a road map to where you want to go, or what you need to heal.

It is not another person’s fault that they have established things in their life that you want.


You will learn more from being interested in that person, than turning them into a monster.

Friendly reminder: They are human too.

It is truly hypocritical to hate someone because you feel threatened or jealous. Not to mention it is feeding the bad part of yourself.

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