Period Panties

Have you tried period panties? When Aunt Flow comes to town, the last thing you want to worry about is leakage.

The average woman spends at least $20,000 on her period products (if you include birth control).

… And the amount of waste is a grand total of 62,415 pounds of garbage.

I googled these numbers–so there could be some variation with these stats. Point is, our period costs a pretty penny and makes a big fat mess.
I have tried a few environmentally friendly products…

I purchased a Diva Cup and some pads made of this nice soft cloth material.
I am not sure if one thing has to do with the other… but I fought Bacteria Vaginosis the entire time I used my Diva Cup. I keep a clean regime–so it wasn’t due to dirty business.

That being said, I caught myself in a public bathroom several times without running water. I had to dump my cup and try to put it back in. Hello slippery horror scene… and yes it did slip out of my hand once–so I threw it out.

The reusable pads were a little complicated as well. I found them nice at night or when I was home. But carrying around a used cloth pad all day–not my favourite. Not to mention–thick as a diaper.

I was skeptical to try the new period panties. But when I saw them on sale and a girlfriend raved about em–I took the plunge.

Expensive–yes. Worth it–absolutely.

A little FYI, I have a lighter period (due to a hormonal IUD). So I am not sure how these would work for a heavy flow–as no one wants to carry around dirty panties in their purse.

Period Panties | Adrienne

So here is the low-down:

Size wise–I bought small because I normally wear small undies. They fit well.

I purchased three pair. I wear one to bed. I wash it in the shower in the morning. I wear the next pair all day–and wash it at night. By then the morning pair is dry.

It feels a little odd to put these things back on my kitty after taking a pee… but it’s a minor cold discomfort.

I have gone for a bike ride with these. I have done yoga. I have slept in them.

They are discreet, comfortable, seamless, stretchy, and wonderful.

I am a warrior for the planet. I am also a warrior for our bank account. The investment will pay for itself.

I am converted.

I purchased Knix–because they are a Canadian company, and I am a Canadian gal.

I am NOT making money off of this write-up. I bought my own undies. I just am a sista helping another sista out. Because our period should be as nice a possible–we have 500 or more in our life.

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