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What Is My Purpose?

The thing I battled the most with (in the past) was: what is my purpose? The question haunted me. 

It is extremely overwhelming to figure out what we want to do with our life, and how purpose plays a role.

This question is not specific to age. Many people spend their life feeling unfulfilled and purposeless. 

What Is My Purpose | Adrienne Ford

Some find purpose in their job. Or in their relationship. Motherhood is very purposeful. Hobbies are an excellent way to explore purpose.

I have had many clients ponder: “What is my purpose?” Our health needs a purpose–and thus it is natural to explore this while on a health journey.

The universal response for this is:

“Follow your curiosity”

“Invest in things that interest you!” 

I want to share an experience I had that guided me along my way.

I was travelling with my boyfriend of that time. This was many years ago. His friend invited us to stay with her. She had just bought a house. 

I remember getting ready for bed in her bathroom. The counters covered in her beauty products. I recall yearning for this. 
(At the time I lived with my boyfriend.)

When we got home—I went out and bought some new beauty products. I decorated them in the bathroom hoping for the same feeling. Oddly it didn’t feel right, and I couldn’t explain it. 

A little back story. I moved in with my boyfriend from my parents house. I had never had my own space. I kinda fell into living with my boyfriend. I stayed there all the time to avoid my parents. So naturally it made sense to live together. 

Long story short. My relationship didn’t work out. 
Fast forward a few years and some big life changes. I found myself living on my own. My very own place! 

One day while cleaning my space—I was organizing my bath products… and it hit me.  I stopped and felt this overwhelming joy. My eyes filled with tears and I started to laugh. 

THIS was what I yearned for. It was not to have more beautiful products—it was to have my own space. My independence! It gave me a sense of accomplishment! 

This story might seem silly, obvious even! But for me, it wasn’t obvious. I thought in that bathroom moment that I just needed some new hairspray. When really I was craving something far greater! 

What Is My Purpose | Adrienne Ford

I wanted to achieve a new level of independence. I wanted a significant life experience. 

The interesting thing is after I finally had a place I love; a home I decorated and was very proud of… I met my (now) husband. 

Sometimes I see life like a video game. We have to gather certain coins and mushrooms. Once we have passed that level—we can move to the next. 

I can tell you about many times my heart yearned for something. In the moment it did not make sense. The best way I can describe it is, a deep want. It was something deeper than “I want those shoes”.

These moments held a hint to something greater. Beyond the superficial notion of wanting a thing–I wanted an experience. I wanted to achieve the experience. 

So when you find yourself thinking: what is my purpose??? 
Tune into those heart yearning moments.  
What potential lies inside of the experience?
What life experience do you truly desire?

I do believe that bathroom moment held a key to my next level. I needed to create independence and financial freedom. It was time to get out of that relationship. In the process, I stepped into a greater version of myself. Had I not embraced all that change, I would not be where I am now.

Hindsight is 20/20 they say. But don’t dismiss those little tiny pulls of the heart are happening right now.

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