What Is Trust? Brene Brown Breaks It Down

When you hear something that changes your life, it is your duty to share. This changed my life. Brene Brown on SuperSoul Sunday with Oprah.

“What is TRUST? How do we talk about TRUST when we can’t break it down?

Trust is something we have all struggled with in our life at one point or another.  If we can break down trust and talk about it—we can identity where trust is working and where it might not be working.

B – Boundaries (If you are clear with your boundaries and hold them, and respect mine).

R – Reliability (Do what you say you are going to do, not just once).

A – Accountably (When you make a mistake, you own it and apologize—and visa versa).

V – Vault (What I share with you, you will hold in confidence, I will do the same.

Do not share things that are not yours to share to Hotwire connection).

I – Integrity (If you do not act from a place of integrity.

Courage over comfort, Right over fun, Practicing your values not just professing your values).

N – Non-judgement. I can fall apart without you judging me, and you can fall apart and I won’t judge you. This means being able to ask for help, and not judge others for needing help. Bc when you judge yourself for needing help, unconsciously you judge others for needing help.

G – Generosity. You can assume the most generous thing about me—even when I screw up. And when I do screw up, you will assume the best and discuss with me how you feel—instead of hold it against me.”

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